Friday, November 30, 2007

Finding God

I have a question.
Why is it elderly people & people in jail or prison always discover God? Is it like a "last ditch effort" to get the pass in to heaven when they leave this planet? People that have never had a thought of God or any type of religion become very religious.

It could be a fear of death or a fear of what they have done in the past. They are realizing they are going on a trip they hadn't planned. Perhaps fear of the unknown makes them take the path of prayer.

The male wolf in my family gave up & prayed on his death bed. I wasn't there, I heard it from the female wolf. There was a place waiting in anticipation for him, but he was trying to go in the wrong direction, if you get my meaning there.

I just felt the need to voice my question. I am going to knit some Grandma Strange rags. I feel the need for her comfort. I think I hear the Sheeny Man coming down the alley.

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